How i can get a report of my packages

Hi everyone

How i can generate a report about my packages and filter proper to specific version as per example the glibc

glibc 2.12 1.132.el6_5.3 this is not the latest version i would like to know if with manage iq i can make a report to tell me which virtual machines is missing the latest version of glibc

Hey, Mario!

First, you need to create a report based on VMs and Instances that includes both VM and Instance.Guest Applications:Name and VMsand Instance.Guest Applications:Version. (Note that not all fields need to display on the report, but you do need to include it so that you are able to filter on the version.)

Then, on the Filter tab in report creation area, set the primary filter to VM and Instance.Guest Applications:Name, and set the secondary filter VM and Instance.Guest Applications:Version.

See attached example.

I hope that helps.

Thanks marigold works like charm