How to check/activate changes in .haml files?

I am customizing a few .haml files. Just some minor changes in look and feel to fit my needs.

After a change, I kill the MiqUiWorker threads (using the rails console) to activate changes. However, this is time-consuming, and when I’ve accidentally introduced an error in a .haml file, I may end up with a system that will not render the particular file. At times, even the appliance needs to be restarted. I hope there is a better way to convert .haml files

Can anybody explain how works in a more efficient way (inclusive checking the converted file)?

It turned out that - out-of-the-box - a production environment is configured in ManageIQ.

Unwittingly, I kept on using that profile, and finally found out what was slowing me down.

If you incidentally start developing using a production profile, the easiest way to have .haml files activated on the fly, is to change the ‘config.cache_classes’ property from true to false in file /var/www/miq/vmdb/config/environments/production. rb.

Ofcourse, the correct solution would be to configure a proper development environment (setting environment variable RAILS_ENV in file /etc/default/evm from production to development), but that requires some more tweaking, e.g. since a switch of database is involved.

Thanks @mud500 for following up with the solution. I’m sure this will help others.