How to configure "cloud-init"

Hi good folks… In the downstream version, support for RHEV “cloud-init” was added recently. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any documentation for it… It was tracked under BZ#1052353. Has anyone done this before?



Hi Jon,

Documentation for this feature should be available soon. In the meantime I hope the following is helpful.

The cloud-init customization templates can be added/edited in the Infrastructure -> PXE area with the other customization templates.

Cloud-init templates are available during RHEV provisioning when the Provision Type field on the “Catalog” tab is set to “Native Clone”. For Cloud provisioning they are always available. The cloud-init templates appear on the “Customize” tab under the “Customize Template” section in the provision dialog.

Here is an example for one that i did a few months back:


CloudForms - Cloud-Init Script for Apache Installation

Kevin Morey, RHCE

Redhat Inc.


For troubleshooting check: /var/lib/cloud/instance/user-data.txt & /var/log/boot.log


Set Global Variables

root_password = evm[:root_password]
role = evm[:ws_values][:role] || evm[:role] rescue 'Web’
instance_name = evm[:vm_target_name]


Turn off SELinux

  • setenforce 0


Setup motd and root authorized keys

  • echo Welcome to Red Hat CloudForms <%=role%> Instance <%=instance_name%> > /etc/motd

Turn off firewall

  • echo “CloudForms - Turning off firewall”

  • chkconfig iptables off

  • service iptables stop

    Install Apache

  • echo “CloudForms - Installing apache”

  • yum -y install httpd wget

  • service httpd start

  • chkconfig httpd on

  • sed -i ‘s/

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux/

    Welcome to Red Hat CloudForms <%=role%> Instance <%=instance_name%>/’ /var/www/error/noindex.html

PXE! I think cloud-init is important enough to deservice it’s own place in the menu.

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I agree with @deuscapturus. I have seen more integration happening with outside PXE servers/services than using the built-in PXE functionality in Cloudforms. I have seen the need for cloud-init on many occassions regardless if something was pxe booted or cloned. This really should be an outside of the PXE menu.

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For more reference you can find some great cloud-init examples here:

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I thought some of you may have some insight. I’ve developed some cloud-init scripts that work great with standard AMI’s. However, using the official AMI’s provided by my company is an issue since cloud-init isn’t installed.

Is there a convention / capability available to automate (via ssh) the installation of CloudInit from the provision phase in CloudForms ?