How to configure hostname and ip address for VMware VM provisioning

I have a simple service dialog with three fields: service_name, vm_name and ip_addr. A catalog item is created to deploy from a VMware template without using the VMware customization specification. After the VM is deployed only the VM name and service name are changed to what I specified. The hostname and IP address of the VM are not changed.

Did I miss anything? I am following the example in Peter McGowan’s book.

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Let me answer my own question.

I forgot the check the “Override Specification Values” check box under Customization Specification for the VMware service dialog. Duh. Now VMware properly update the VM with values I passed from the service dialog.

@ecchong Glad you were able to resolve your issue. Thanks for following up with the solution.

Which is the options Hash key/value of “Override Specification Values” that modifies customization?

Hello, Can you deploy vm (vmware) with ip?

@andrescueva if you have not found it yet: :sysprep_spec_override=>[true, 1]

@dgomeman sure you can:

Hi! thanks for you quickly reply!

I try configured with a service catalog but no change the ip.

OK so you’re trying to do this within a service. The dialog looks good, make sure to choose a custom spec within Request Info, select override and static IP address:

Thanks! the ip run now! but have a other problem… I try change th vlan id but no change with constumization.


Try with variable name vlan. In /var/www/miq/vmdb/log/automation.log you can find the vmware_customizerequest with options you can use. The value of VLAN name must match with the name discovered by MIQ (you can see them in Compute/Infrastructure/Networking).

Hi! Now run with variable name vlan but no change correcly in vcenter (tag network empty)


As you use distributed vSwitch you need to pass VLAN name as dvs_VLAN_553 or set is_dvs=>true . I have not found an easy way to do that in a service dialog but in Automate you can do it: Adding a second Network Adapter and setting vlan

Perfect! thanks for all!!

Hello everyone. I am using the automate feature to customize the VM provision in VMware and RHEV. In case you want to add another vlan, you can use this code:

@task.set_network_adapter(0, {:network=>“vlan1”, :is_dvs=>true})
@task.set_network_adapter(1, {:network=>“vlan2”, :is_dvs=>true})
@task.set_network_adapter(2, {:network=>“vlan3”, :is_dvs=>true})

In vmware the vlan name is: dvs_yourvlanname (the prefix dvs_ is added. RHEV does not change the name), so you must use the method:


Thanks. I have solved it.


Why in my customize tab i couldn’t found any options in “Custom Specification”?
I couldn’t found “override specification values” as well.
Please advice.

Thank you.

You should create at least one custom spec in vCenter that you can override.

Took me me awhile to find the menu for it, but it’s under Home.

Hello guys,

I found it. Thank you so much for your advice.