How to configure manageiq to show vcenter utilization?

I set up the vmware provider in manageIQ, but I can’t see the resource utilization.
In ManangeIQ, I provided VCenter administrator credentials and I have enabled the following server roles: Capacity & Utilization Coordinator, Capacity & Utilization Data Collector and Capacity & Utilization Data Processor.

My Vcenter version: 7
My manageIQ version:
I tested it in manageIQ Jansa-3 and Kasparov-1 versions. In both of them I can’t see the resource utilization

Can someone give me some help?

Hi there.

You must also enable the collection of metrics from selected (or all) clusters and datastores, from the Region settings, for example:

Hope this helps,

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thank you pemcg. It worked!

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