How to develop a new Cloud Provider to ManageIQ community?

Hi, I am an opensource contributor from Huawei. Can I develop a new cloud provider for Huawei cloud[1] to ManageIQ community?
Do you know what work should I do to develop a new Cloud Provider for Huawei cloud like OpenStack-cloud-provider[2]?
Is there a guide for developing a new cloud provider?
And how to integrate it with ManageIQ project?




There are some examples in the community (I would look at OpenStack, but also Lenovo and Nuage as they are quite new)

If you want to have it supported in an enterprise product then we should have a conversation.

Hi chenyingkof,

There’s a provider generator that you can use to create a cloud manager framework. Upon which you can gradually add functionality to it.

I’m in the process of creating a document. Meanwhile, you are welcome to join the gitter channel or ping me @jameswnl in gitter for help.

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@jameswnl @sergio_ocon Thanks.

The steps are in this talk topic

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@jameswnl Thanks. I will refer to this doc to create a new cloud manager for huaweicloud.



I do not use huaweicloud personally but it is really great to see number of MIQ cloud providers expanded.

hi,@chenyingkof, did you finish to develop your huaweicloud provider? can you share it.

Hi @chenyingkof, did you mange to build the provider yet? I would like to get involved in this?