How to enable utilization feature of Manage IQ?

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I am using ManageIQ Container appliance that has a feature of Utilization inside Monitoring. but it is disabled by default. How can I enable that feature? I have to check all my instance utilization. I have attached an image with this question.

You need to enable it in Administrator > Config > Region > Capture Capazity & utilization data and enable the required server roles

Burried deep in the documentation: chapter

still it is disable…

Do you have the metrics service enabled in OpenStack (Gnocchi I think)?

Also check that you have all 3 C&U server roles enabled, and that your appliance is in the same zone as the provider if you have multiple zones.

We have on boarded aws as a cloud provider. but still that feature is disable.additionally we had also made changes in configuration as per the reference provided by bac Can you provide me a proper reference that how can i enable the utilization feature of ManageIQ?


It’s probably easiest to refer to the CloudForms docs as they are mostly also applicable to ManageIQ:

Setting up the cloud providers is described here:

Setting up Capacity and Utilisation is described here:

There’s a chapter on Capacity and Utilisation including some troubleshooting steps here:

For each of your providers you need to ensure that the metrics service is installed and running, for example Gnocchi on OpenStack.

The perf_process_timings.rb script here: should tell you if the metrics collection workers are successfully pulling metrics back from the providers.

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