How to get a chargeback rate details through API?


Can you please some one help me how to get a chargeback rate details through API?


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GET /api/chargebacks
GET /api/chargebacks/<id>
GET /api/chargebacks/<id>/rates
GET /api/chargebacks/<id>/rates?expand=resources
GET /api/chargebacks/<id>/rates/<rate_id>

As per:

You can also query rates as a primary collection

GET /api/rates
GET /api/rates/<id>
GET /api/rates?expand=resources

CC’ing @imtayadeway in case I mis-spoke.

@abellotti I believe that is correct. Apologies for missing this and not responding myself!

Seems, the above APIs are not available in the Cloud Forms which I’m using. My CFME version is 3.2. If I try the above APIs, it will throw the following response,

{“error”:{“kind”:“bad_request”,“message”:“Unsupported Collection chargebacks specified”,“klass”:“ApiController::BadRequestError”}}

Please correct me if I’m worng.

@saleth123 These APIs will be included in CloudForms 4.0 (aka cfme-5.5)

@chessbyte, do you have any idea, how to get the chargeback report through API in CFME 3.2?

@saleth123 These APIs will be included in ManageIQ Capablanca release and CloudForms 4.0 (aka cfme-5.5). They are NOT available in prior releases.

@chessbyte, I’m new to CFME, so don’t have much idea about chargeback. Shall we write any automation script to get a chargeback report? if so can you please give me some basic hints about that?

According to the “CFME 5.4.2 bug fixes, and enhancement update” (, BZ #1245715 - [RFE] Retrieve ChargeBack reports from RESTapi is now included in 5.4.

I’m not sure if this is the full implementation though.


Please keep this forum for the ManageIQ project, and not the CloudForms product.

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Looks like /api/chargebacks does not support Delete action.

Any reason why this cannot be created and deleted other than the web UI.
Also how this can be assigned to a tenant?

I am using CFME5.5.

Chargeback deletes are now available.

POST /api/chargebacks/:id - action "delete"
POST /api/chagebacks - action “delete” for bulk deletes
DELETE /api/chargebacks/:id