How to get multi groups of a user in automation?

In automation, I can’t call miq_groups of a user caused by druby, eg:

So is there any other way I can get the groups if a user belongs to multi groups? Thank you!

Hi @wangxiangyu

AFAIK, the only way a user can belong to multiple groups in MIQ is if they’re authenticating using LDAP/ external auth. One solution could be to use the net-ldap gem to query the LDAP server directly.

Thank you for your reply. I change the automation code:

--- a/lib/miq_automation_engine/service_models/miq_ae_service_user.rb
+++ b/lib/miq_automation_engine/service_models/miq_ae_service_user.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,9 @@ module MiqAeMethodService
  expose :current_group,  :association => true
  expose :current_tenant, :association => true
  expose :vms,            :association => true
+    expose :miq_groups,     :association => true
  expose :miq_requests,   :association => true
  expose :name
  expose :email
  expose :userid

I can call the miq_groups of a user object in automation now.

Awesome @wangxiangyu! If you like, you can submit a pull request so that your thrifty fix ends up in a ManageIQ release.