How to have a detailed report be sent by email of what has been done while provisionning /retiring?

In provisioning/retirement workflow, i would want to have these detailed steps in email reports instead of classic one :

  • step 1: got public IP A in Infoblox servername XXX
  • step 2 : added member X in F5 pools (A, B, C)
  • step 3 : registered in service Zabbix with templates X,Y,Z

etc …

Is this possible?

It’s not clear whether you’re after individual emails for each step, or one long summary email, but yes, it’s certainly possible. The steps that you mentioned look like custom methods, so you can add a call to $evm.execute('send_email',...), as follows:

to = ''
from = ''
subject = 'Infoblox report'
body = 'Got public IP A in Infoblox servername XXX
$evm.execute('send_email', to, from, subject, body)

Hope this helps,

I want to have a report to send at the end of the statemachine execution, at the email state.

In each state, i want to add a report part in a variable (So i would add a string report_log+=
), and use it at the end to send email.

Should i add a report_log string structure in $evm ? or in the ws_values structure?

With the same