How to integrate Foreman PXE with ManageIQ?

How integrate Foreman PXE with ManageIQ?
In the Infrastructure → PXE I added a New PXE Server (Foreman) with those informations:
Depot type: nfs
URI: nfs://
PXE Directory: pxelinux.cfg
After refrech action, knowing that nfs work good, I can’t see my images :frowning:
Any suggestions please

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Foreman has been added as it’s own provider type recently. I believe the UI PR is about to be merged, so I think the goal would be to go in that direction.

However, for now, @kbrock or @bdunne can you answer?

What did you put in the Menu field? menu.php? The menu file is how the images are loaded.

For example here is my menu.php file:


menu CFME iPXE Boot Menu

item --gap
item rhel6_template RHEL6 boot image for CFME RHEV iPXE Provisioning
item rhel7_template RHEL7 boot image for CFME RHEV iPXE Provisioning

item --gap – -----Other Stuff:
item reboot Reboot the Machine
item local Boot Local

choose --default local --timeout 60000 os && goto ${os}

kernel http://{next-server}/ks/dist/ks-rhel-x86_64-server-6-6.5/images/pxeboot/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=10000 ks=http://{next-server}/pub/miq/ipxe/customization/rhel63.ks.cfg
initrd http://${next-server}/ks/dist/ks-rhel-x86_64-server-6-6.5/images/pxeboot//initrd.img

kernel http://{next-server}/ks/dist/ks-rhel-x86_64-server-7-7.0/images/pxeboot/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=10000 ks=http://{next-server}/pub/miq/ipxe/customization/rhel63.ks.cfg
initrd http://${next-server}/ks/dist/ks-rhel-x86_64-server-7-7.0/images/pxeboot//initrd.img



I put menu.c32 in the menu field as shown in the location path /var/lib/tftpboot/ but it’s a binary file! should I edit an other one?

Any update on this topic? I also want to integrate CloudFroms 3.2 (doesn’t seem to have any directo Foreman integration option) with Satellite 6.0.

@kbrock @bdunne @gmccullough Would you please respond on this topic?

@icebrian @emi, Foreman can not be added to ManageIQ as a PXE server. It doesn’t maintain a menu file or serve files the same way that a static PXE server does. Instead, it dynamically generates its content and only serves it to the client that it is intended for.

You can add Foreman as a provider under Infrastructure / Configuration Management. Once refreshed, you can see your Configured Systems and change their Configuration Profiles, provisioning them. We have completed our initial goal of providing bare-metal provisioning support. We also plan to add support for use cases like:

  • New VM provisioning
  • Changing Configuration Profile without provisioning

Hope that helps,

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