How to make classic-ui work?

as a fresher,i don’t know my classic-ui is work? anyone can tell me, and how i can confirm it works tks.

Hi @okwindows
It is unclear from your post how did you setup manageiq (on appliance? from source?)
If you are running it locally, have you tried reaching localhost:3000? if everything is running, you should see the ManageIQ login page, and that would be the ui code originated from the classic-ui repo.

Firstly, thanks for your reply.

I have been setup manageiq and i can reach localhost:3000 . Now i clone manageiq-calss-ui from git, and what can i do to make the class-ui works ? Maybe i should do PRs between manageiq and classic ui, how to do it.

it will be helpful to understand what you are trying to achieve. are you trying to add new ui screens/fix a bug in the ui?
you cannot send PRs between different repos (manageiq to ui-classic, for instance) because there is different code in those repos and that will make no effect.
cc @dclarizio

@okwindows Unless you’re planning to make changes to the UI, you don’t actually need to clone it at all.
It gets installed as a gem dependency of manageiq itself, so when you run manageiq, you do see ui-classic.

If you do need to make changes to the UI, then you indeed need the clone, and you can follow the plugin guide on how to make manageiq/ use your local manageiq-ui-classic instead of the gem.

Either way, if you can see the login screen on localhost:3000, the UI works :).

@himdel Thanks for your reply. Yes, i want to make changes to the UI, I have been make PR from manageiQ, but i can’t see any change after i have been changed the haml file. Just Like /manageiq-ui/classic/app/views/dashboard/login.html.haml.

Thanks for your reply, i have been make PR from manageiq. But I can’t confirm it because i can’t see any change after i edited the haml file in manageiq-classic-ui

OK, so follow the plugin guide, most likely you can’t see the changes because you’re not actually using the checked-out UI.