How to make Service Catalog visible to a group? [SOLVED]

How do I make a service catalog visible to a specific user group or user role? My service catalogs are all visible to the super administrator but I can not find the option to make specific catalogs visible to specific user groups or user roles.

The role in question is set to have the VM & template access restriction set to “only user and group owned”. If I turn this option off then the users in this role can see the catalog items in question. Is this a bug? Am I missing some option somewhere?

You need to tag the service items and give permissions to the users about those tags.

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These were the exact steps we came up with:

  1. Select Configure > Configuration. Select the "Access Control" accordion item on the left.
  2. Access control in CFME consists of groups and roles. Users are contained in groups, and groups are tied to roles. The ability to restrict access to VMs and templates en masse is handled at the role level. Select the role that maps to the group you want to restrict, then click Configuration > Edit this role. Under "VM and Template Access Restriction", there is a drop down list. The default choice is "none", but you can also choose from "Only User or Group owned" and "Only User Owned". Select whatever choice is appropriate, then click Save at the bottom of the page.
  3. Now select the group you want to allow access to a particular service catalog item. On the right of the group information page, you'll notice an "Assigned filters" section. Click Configure > Edit this group, and select whatever tags you will be applying to the service catalog items you want this group to have access to. Note, whatever tags you use is completely arbitrary, as long as they match at the group and service catalog item level. However, a best practice would be to use a tag that makes sense in context, ie if you want to allow access to a JBOSS EAP item, then apply a tag called "USPTO EAP". Save after choosing your tags.
  4. With the group tag filters set, you can now tag the catalog items. Select Services > Catalogs, then select the "Catalog Items" accordion item on the left.
  5. A list of all configured service catalog items. Select the checkbox for whatever items out want to tag, then click Policy, Edit Tags. Select a tag category, then a tag. Upon selection, it will automatically populate the assigned tags list below.
  6. Click save.

This was my first approach also, but when I implemented this all VMs disappeared from the VM explorer because the VM’s are not tagged with the tag I apply to the service…
This is not really a solution for me. I would be nice if the same visibility option as for buttons is also available for services.