How to manage two or more miq server


I wonder that how to use two or more Miq server ? how to set priority of those evm servers?

I can only use the default server database(the current one),but the another new sever can not work. i can see the anything from the new evm server. could u give me some assistant?

thanks very much

@gtanzillo can you review this question from @han and forward to SME if necessary.

thank u . @jprause I can not see anything in the new evm server,the description was wrong.


Have you checked out the Settings and Operations guide located here:

This will break out how to setup zones and how to assign roles (primary and secondary) to the appliances.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

@jdeubel thanks a lot ,the question is that Miq Server[2] is not current,so that I want to know any things in this server how to work?As only the MIq Server1can work for manage the infras, I am confused that how the MIq Server[2] to manage the infras?
I am a newer to Manageiq,could you help me .:smile_cat:

@han Can you re-phrase that I am not sure what the ask is? Are you saying that only Server1 is active and not Server2? Or that you want to attach it so that you can have 2 servers managing the infrastructure?

Please let me know so that I can assist you further…Thanks!

@jdeubel yes,I want 2 servers to manage the infras. the step 1 is that i use Configure → Configuration →settings →zones,click the servers and click the database.chose External Database on another Server.

and the hostname is another server’s IP.

then that server can not log in,in another server will see the additonal server.

I created two zones , i do not kown that why the new zones server2 in can not manange infras, it is faild,the infras just like X.

thank u :green_heart: