How to map manageiq user to openstack project?


Recently I installed openstack for evaluation purposes and now I’m trying to configure the ManageIQ .

I configured a new openstack cloud provider on manageiq web interface and from the admin account I can
manage all the openstack’s projects.

From my side isn’t very clear how can I create some manageiq users and map some openstack projects on them.

On the configuration > access control, I tried to create a new group and on Project/Tenant I choose
"My Comnpany/Openstack Cloud Provider ostack.XXXX.XXXX/project4" , where project4 is an openstack project.
Then I created a user (user4) which was member of this group. Also on openstack I added the admin user as member of project4.

When I logged in to the ManageIQ portal with my user4 credentials I was seen only the one of the 2 virtual instances
of the project4. Also I couldn’t see any public or manually assigned images to the project4 (compute > clouds > instances > All images was empty)

The question is how can I map any manageiq user to openstack projects.
The installed manageIQ version is euwe-2.1 .


Have you had any luck with this? I’m having similar issues. My tenants are mapping to OpenStack projects but I’m not seeing the project permission mappings. Anything useful you found would be great. Thanks.

Hi @cmpgkgrl
Can you please explain what you need ?

After OS projects sync you can assign user groups to projects (cloud_tenants in MIQ).

So after the projects sync you have to assign user groups? I thought it would some how transfer over the permissions from OpenStack.


No there is no ability. I use httpd-external-auth to get groups from Active Directory on the MIQ side.

MIQ is Cloud Management Platform - not only for openstack but for VMWare/AWS/GCP etc. and MIQ have its own authentication and RBAC logic.