How to orchestrate a complex transformation of infrastructure?

We want to know if this is possible to do that with CF and if yes, how to do it:

We suppose of course that all our Cluster/hosts/VMs/Services are well tagued

  • the user click on a button to turn the infrastructure (vsphere, esxi , Vms ) from a state A to a state B. Cf would do the following:
    • stop some unused VMs on services A,B,C (we give him a list of “unused VMs”)
    • decrease vcpu number (to 1) on VMs in services D,E,F
    • start some vms to enforce services G,H,I
    • schedule report of performance (cpu / with a fine threshold (every 2 minutes) from 8h00 am to 11h00
  • allocate equally VMs inside a servcie to ESXi

At 11h30: come back to State A and send reports.

Thanks a lot.

This forum is for ManageIQ. If you bought CloudForms, you should contact Red Hat for support.

Having said that, I believe all of the items noted are possible - perhaps by rolling up your sleeves and writing ManageIQ Automation.

We have the 2: MIQ and CF.
I know it is possible with automation but it would be usefull to know the best practice to do it.