How to pass linux customization details through - api/provision_requests

I am trying to assign IP and hostname through API but it is not working . Tried different options but still not working

My customization name on the Vcenter is VMCustomization

“version” : “1.1”,
“template_fields” : {
“name” : “rhel67_latest”
“vm_fields” : {
“number_of_cpus” : 2,
“vm_name” : “suniltest09”,
“Linux-Spec-Name”: true,
“vm_memory” : “4096”,
“vlan”: “suniltest01”,
“placement_auto”: “false”,
“network_adapters”: 2,
“diskscsi0” : “0:1:4096”,
“network0” : “suniltest01”,
“network0.deviceType” : “VirtualVmxnet3”,
“network1” : “suniltest02”,
“network1.deviceType” : “VirtualVmxnet3”,
“dns_servers”: “,”,
“dns_suffixes”: “”,
“ip_addr”: “”,
“gateway”: “”,
“subnet_mask”: “”,
“disk_format”: “thin”,
“sysprep_spec_override”: “true”,
“linux_host_name”: “suniltest01”,
“root_password”: “Horu$2014”


Can you please help here .

@gmccullough Do you know what the right parameters are? I don’t see enough details on that jump out at me, personally.

Greg @gmccullough - Can you please help . I tried few things but didn’t not worked . Can you please let me know if you need any additional logs

Hi @sunielex, this option is not supported today.

There was some work started but was never completed. See

If you are using the same Customization Spec could you setup a Catalog Item and order that while passing the IP and hostname instead? This could be done through the API.