How to re-initialize manageiq database

I just finished setiing up manageiq from source code.
I have attempted to connect my instance to a local OpenStack instance as a Cloud provider. The OpenStack admin credencials were succsessfully validated, but the provider information was not saved, and, upon returning to the Clouds/Providers page, the provider list was empty. When I attempted to repeat adding my local OpenStack as a cloud provider, I got an error, stating that the host name, the provider name and host IP were already taken.
What can I do to clean up whatever recards there are in the database, so I could attempt to add my OpenStack cloud provider again?

Well, this is a weird oneā€¦ @dclarizio or @hkataria Can you help out here?

@eugene_goldberg What version of ManageIQ are you using?

I pulled the latest from the git repo 2 days ago.

I do have an update on this: I had my local OpenStack olso identified in ManageIQ as an infrastructure provider. Once I removed it as infrastructure provider, I was able to register OpenStack as a Cloud provider. Thank you for looking into this!

Oh great to hear @eugene_goldberg!