How to refresh inventory for AWS cloud provider

I have added aws cloud provider according to user guide document, the authentication validation was ok, but I check the provider that all resources is zero, also I found the state of Last Refresh is “Never”(note: I have clicked the refresh button many times). what wrong? thx!

Make sure that you have this role is enabled Provider Inventory, The Provider Inventory role is responsible for refreshing provider inventory data for all provider objects such as virtual machines, hosts, clusters, tenants, or orchestration templates.

if the role is enabled still inventory collection is not happening, check if there is any error or warning reported in evm.log file under the /var/www/miq/vmdb/log directory.

Hi, thank you @eprasad.

I have checked my EVM appliance has this role of Provider Inventory, I have reconfigured AWS provider, it was successfully refreshed now. but I have found the number of “images” is zero, whether I have been missing some configuration?

Hello, @jerry1978

You might be on right account but wrong region, select the correct region.
compute->cloud -> providers
select the AWS provider and now
configuration - > edit the provider-> region.
select the region where your images are.

I hope this works.

thanking you,