How to retire an EVM server appliance?

We have 5 appliances on the same region/zone and we want to retire one : how to do it?

we have found how to do it in Configuration/Diagnostic/Region and Configuration but it does not work: it takes a lot of time to wait and after the appliance is still on the list.

What could be wrong?


Hi gquentin,

In the first time, you connect to appliance(you want to delete) with ssh, enter ino appliance_console and then you stop EVM server processes(in CF 4.5 option 15).

After, in CF UI, you repite Configuration/Diagnostic/Region and Configuration/Delete EVM… and the appliance will be deleted.

Best Regards


it it was we did in CF 4.2.
But the thing that me must know is that it takes hours to be deleted. 6 hours in our case…
until then the appliance still is in the list.