How to run manage using apache?

I setup manageiq using the source code. Now I use puma to run the UI related things, but it works too slowly.
How can I run UI with apache or any other suggestions?
Thank you very much!!

If you are concerned with performance, and are not actually developing, you might want to try running in production mode. Rails in development mode will reload code on every post, making it very slow (but also very convenient when coding). set RAILS_ENV=production to enable that mode. Note that it will use a different database as well, so you may have to switch your database.yml.

Alternately, you might want to try the nightly appliance via, which is already in production mode and also uses apache.

Thanks for your reply.
I have already used production mode, but it consumes too much memory and the performance is unsatisfactory.
Now I use a virtual machine(4 core cpu and 8G ram )to run manageiq, but “can not allocate memory” error happened usually and the system load is high. If I use the same kind of flavor vm to run the image in, the performance is good. So I think the key bottleneck is puma and I want to try apache.
Is there any steps I can follow to setup apache? Thank you very much!!

For the appliance, I think we just install the package, and then we have some out of the box configuration changes as can be see in the manageiq-appliance repo:✓&q=httpd