How to save the service item pictures in export/import service items?

I have several cfme environment, need to sync service items, i use miqexport/miqimport scripts cfme-rhconsulting-scripts import and export, but by miqexport/import a service item, only import/export a yaml file, pictures can’t export and import, I have dozens service items and pictures, If by manually upload is very inconvenient.

Can you help me ? Thanks

@gmccullough can you review this question from @anyisalin and forward to a SME if necessary.

Hi @anyisalin,

The ManageIQ project does not support a Service import/export feature. The scripts you are using, as you noted, are from the rhtconsulting/cfme-rhconsulting-scripts repo. I would suggest creating a git issue on that repo which you could link back to this topic.

@pemcg @bascar Have you run into this before with Service images?

I’ve heard of other people saying that this would be a nice idea, but unfortunately I haven’t found (or investigated) a way of doing it.