How to set network adapter type in vsphere during vm provision?

How I can set network adapter type like VMXNET3 in service dialog, because now new VM provisioning only with Flexible adapter type?

You can pass a :devicetype when creating a new network adapter, see ManageIQ

set_network_adapter(idx, nic_hash, value=nil)

Modifies the network card attached to the VM container

Available settings:
:is_dvs true / false (Default: false)
:network (Network Name)
:devicetype (Default: VirtualPCNet32) Defined by VMware:
:connectable ⇒ {:allowguestcontrol ⇒ true / false} (Default: true)
:connectable ⇒ {:startconnected ⇒ true / false} (Default: true)
:connectable ⇒ {:connected ⇒ true / false} (Default: true)

Example: prov.set_network_adapter(1, {:network ⇒ dvs_net1, :is_dvs ⇒ true} )