How to set the dynamic dropdown2 values on change of dropdown1?

I have two dropdowns (dropdown1 and dropdown2) in a service dialog.
when I am ordering the service catalog, service dialog will ask input for two dropdowns.

dropdown1: It is dynamic dropdown where I have updated the values using inline method.

dropdown2: I want this also to be updated as a dynamic dropdown by passing the value of dropdown1 using inline method.

Is there a way to set the dropdown2 values on change of dropdown1?

Hi there

In your service dialog editor, if you edit the dropdown1 element and go to the ‘Options’ tab, you’ll see ‘Fields to refresh’ at the bottom, If you select dropdown2 in this list, then whenever an entry is made to dropdown1, the dynamic method behind dropdown2 will be re-run.

Hope this helps,

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It works perfectly!
Thank you @pemcg