How to - Set Windows IP address and hostname on RHV provider

Hello, I am very new to ManageIQ/Cloudforms. I have been reading Mastering Cloudforms Automation provided by RedHat and it is slowly sinking in. I come from a SysAdmin background with very little programming experience (only VB.Net and Ansible)

My end goal is to provision a new Windows Server 2019 (with GUI) vm from template. The catalog presented to the users should allow the user to set the hostname and IP address. After this I should be able to create a callback to Ansible to finish all needed setup of the new vm.

Issue #1
I followed the RHV guide on how to create a Windows template. ie- run sysprep, OOBE, power off when done. etc.
I assume I have to provide an unattend file to get four steps taken care of when the machine boots.

  • click next to go through the setup wizard
  • enter the product key (skip and do later)
  • accept the license terms
  • set the admin password

I thought I read somewhere that automate contains methods to handle some of this? If that is the case, what is the best way to prepare/convert a vm to template? It seems like there may be overlap in functionality.

Issue #2
Assuming I can get past the first hurdle how do I handle setting the IP and hostname? I did find this disucussion in the forum - Customize Windows VM provisioning in RHEV and it is the scenario I am trying to solve but I dont fully understand how to implement it.
The book example assumes you are connected to an IPAM solution, my scenario is not.
How do you link the catalog fields, textboxes, inputs, etc to the programming methods? I think that is the key piece of info I am missing. I already have the various textboxes being presented to the user in the catalog to give them hostname and IP address.

Speaking very generally it sort of seems like Cloudforms can be compared to VB.Net - You build a form with buttons, dropdowns, text boxes, inputs, etc. You then need to programs what those buttons and dropdowns do or what actions they take. (At least that is the way that I understand it.)

Thank you in advance for your input. It is very appreciated!