How to take integration tests with openstack provider or other cloud?

We have built and maintained a CI system used to automatically run integration or acceptance tests of the SDKs and Tools against OpenStack Cloud. Recently we are trying to test the functionalities of ManageIQ against OpenStack, and no idea how to do it, which repo should we start with, ManageIQ/manageiq-providers-openstack? or ManageIQ/integration_tests? Or maybe there is any guide doc we can follow? Thank you!

Have you seen the Developer Guide?
I am not quite sure, what you are trying to achieve though, running ManageIQ integration tests, only confirms, that the ManageIQ code works (which is reasonable to expect for any released version).

hi buc,
Thank you!
Yes, we have seen the Developer Guide. In fact, we only want to test mangeiq against openstack cloud(like devstack) through our CI system automatically, and we have to write the test script. we seen the Readme of manageiq-providers-openstack, it says that we can run cmd “bundle exec rake vcr:rerecord” to interaction with OpenStack services. During specs running, we found some assertion like assert flavor count after refreshering, not sure whether need to build the service data or how to build them?