How to use pxe provision

I use IPXE, and i can provision pxe, but it need manul input, and i
can not get anyfiles been written by ManageIQ on my PXE server, i have
read Creating new VMs through ManageIQ and PXE, but i still do not not how to solve my problem, i think i have missed something, could you help me?
here is my configuration:

subnet netmask {
if exists user-class and option user-class = “iPXE” {
filename “http://${next-server}/ipxe/menu.php”;
} else {
filename “/undionly.kpxe”;


my menu.php:


menu CFME iPXE Boot Menu

item --gap – -----My-Images:
item RHEL7mini RHEL7 mininmal
item CENTOS7mini CENTOS7 minamal

choose --default RHEL7mini --timeout 60000 os && goto ${os}

kernel http://{next-server}/ipxe/image/rhel/7.0/vmlinuz ks=http://{next-server}/ipxe/ks/rhel/minimal.ks.cfg
initrd http://{next-server}/ipxe/image/rhel/7.0/initrd.img boot :CENTOS7mini kernel http://{next-server}/ipxe/image/centos/7/vmlinuz ks=http://{next-server}/ipxe/ks/centos7/centos7_minimal.ks.cfg initrd http://{next-server}/ipxe/image/centos/7/initrd.img

my nfs setting:

folder setting:

thanks verymuch

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