How to use the redfish provider?

How to use the redfish provider?
and where can I find the redfish provider design docment?

Do we need a redfish server?

Hello @qinhaizhong @Fengqi_Lee, the Redfish provider was added recently as our second physical infrastructure provider (after Lenovo LXCA).

You should be able to add the provider by going to the physical infrastructure provider tab and picking Redfish.

@Fengqi_Lee you will need a server that conforms to the redfish standard.

We had an overview of the new redfish provider in sprint 88 review (slides here checkout starting at slide 20.

@agrare Thanks.
But there is another problem . If the server does not support the redfish standard and it is not the Lenovo servers,what kind of provider can I use?
Is it necessary to develop an IPMI provider?

@agrare Thank you very much!
By the way,when i click a button,I don’t know how it call a provider’s method,I just can’t find any routes or events to trigger it.Example when i add a OpenStack Network, how and where it forms the OpenStack create network url?If it is not a provider to do this, I can find the routes in the routes.rb,but when it is a provider I just can’t find it.
Can anyone help me?