How to via git manage my automate code?

I have few cfme, and a automate domain, when automate method modifly, I can’t sync very well, can i manage automate code in git?

can move my automate code in /var/www/miq/vmdb/db/fixtures/ae_datastore ? just like manageiq base domain ?, but how to seeding my automate code ?


@gmccullough can you review this question from @anyisalin and forward to a SME if necessary.

In the meantime, @anyisalin have a look at this excellent book on Cloudforms Automation: Peter McGowan on authoring "Mastering CloudForms Automation" + e-book download

@mkanoor Can you provide details here on the recent git/automate integration.

We have recently added support for import Automate Models stored in a Git Repositories. You can access it from the UI via Automate -> Import/Export screen

You need to enable an appliance with the Git Repositories Owner role enabled.
You access this screen clicking on the logged in user on top right corner and using Configuration

Then you can use the Automate -> Import/Export Screen and fill in the

  • URL
  • Userid
  • Password
  • Verify Peer Certificate for (Self Signed Certificates should be unchecked)

Once you fetch the repository you have the option of selecting a branch or a tag to import.

This feature is new for these release we are still ironing out all the bugs.


@mkanoor, Thanks for you replay,
but I now the question is can’t merge the modified automate code, not import.

The merge conflicts would have to be handled out side of this feature. We don’t update the repository from our code.

All the Git Repository based domains are read only and cannot be modified, since all the modifications happen outside of ManageIQ.

So if you have conflicts you would have to rebase and manage them outside. Once the conflicts have been resolved you can have ManageIQ download the Git Repository and import the contents.


Have a look at

This project is a collection of rake and shell scripts for exporting and importing various ManageIQ/CloudForms items such as the Automate domains.

thanks for you, but i already use it.

Will it be possible to use SSH keys vs Username/Password?