Httpd can't look for the correct css file location

I make changes to css and run
rake assets:precompile
A new css file is created, eg: application-0d16c66013771579d37800a07022e8e9536364161fdf5ad99c1d10990cc18081.css

But when I restart httpd, httpd still try to find the old css file, eg:application-89ed32fb5820abfdf4656d9fff9536d0c49817ca3dfc6c60935dfe533a464151.css
So the css can’t be loaded.

Anything miss or wrong?
Thank you very much

The UiWorker would also need to be restarted…

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@himdel Exactly, Thank you

No problem :slight_smile: it’s the UI worker what keeps the mapping from application.css to application-0d16c66013771579d37800a07022e8e9536364161fdf5ad99c1d10990cc18081.css in memory…