Hydra Cloud Balancer integration

#Hydra Cloud Balancer integration

As long as ManageIQ allow us to manage several cloud and infrastructure providers the need of load balancing across different datacenters came up.

Hydra is multi-cloud application discovery and balancing service. It attempts to ease the routing and balancing burden from servers and delegate it on the client: http://innotech.github.io/hydra/

##Proposal for integration:

  1. Auto deploy hydra servers from ManageIQ console.
    Distribute out of the box Templates, Catalog Items, Dialogs and Services to easily deploy Hydra Server in every datacenter.

  2. Monitorize balanced applications from ManageIQ console.
    Create a new tab for ManageIQ console where we can see balanced applications information received from Hydra Servers. The view must follow the same appearance of other sections. Specially the tree view on the left.

  3. Configure Hydra servers from ManageIQ console.
    Add interaction controls into the previous view in order to configure Hydra Servers: Clusters, Applications and Balancing Policies.

##Advantages for ManageIQ:

  • Address an unsolved need for many cross datacenter users .
  • Differential key point in order to leverage the usage of ManageIQ.
  • First step for handle micro services and container based infrastructures.

##Advantages for Hydra:

  • Spread knowledge and usage of Hydra.
  • Easy setup procedure.
  • Visual configuration capability.
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Iā€™m very glad to see this. Hopefully, we can get something going on this in the hack room on Wednesday.