I cant add a new esx host from infrastructure hosts

my esx server :esx 4.0.0
romote login is ok ,and i have open the web service on the esx and i can login in the browser use this username and password. but manageiq give me a …

@dclarizio can you review this question from @han and forward to a SME if necessary.

@blomquisg can you look into this? Perhaps the multiple endpoints will be addressing it, but may also be an existing bug.

@rpo, @Fryguy, does this look familiar? I don’t know what restrictions are in place for what types of ESX hosts can be added directly.

We don’t support adding Hosts like this anymore. The button to do so should probably be removed (I thought it already was, but I guess not).

@han If you want to manage a single ESX Host, you should be able to add it as a new Infrastructure Provider directly. If you are trying to provision a new ESX Host, you would have to use the bare metal provisioning option.

@gmccullough I think you know about this the best…is there anything I left out?

It sounds like @han is trying to add an existing ESX host, not bare-metal provisioning. The proper way to do that is adding it as a Provider as @Fryguy pointed out.

could i add a ovirt host directly by this way (from Infrastructure Provider)?

I don’t believe so. The VMware Provider is able to talk to a host directly because it relies on the fact that an ESX host exposes the exact same API that vSphere exposes. So the underlying code doesn’t know the difference. I don’t believe Rhev does this, so it won’t work.