ID of specific report

I got some problem of understanding about the IDs of a specific report.

  • I explain the case : I’m working particularly on Containers and i want to retrieve, from the ManageIQ API, reports about Containers (Exemple : Nodes by CPU usage) . In order to run and to get this specific report, i need its ID but when i’m looking for all reports available, there are atleast 110 reports. I know there is a way to get the name by looking, case by case, each report. But this seems to be endless. Is there another way to get the IDs of Containers reports ?

  • Something else, the report ID never changes ?

Thank you in advance.

You can probably find your report via the API: /api/reports?expand=resources

(You can add &filter[]=name=whatever to narrow the search.)

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Thank you, exactly what i needed !