Importing/Exporting SmartState Analysis Scan Profiles


After using the scripts in cfme-rhconsulting-scripts

I wanted to also include the ability to import/export SmartState analysis scan profiles.

Anybody has any idea on how to do this?

I hacked together a script (similar to the ones from cfme-rhconsulting) which can be found here.

So far it is able to:

  • export scan profiles, skipping read_only profiles or built-in profiles (since this are
    defined through YAML files already).
  • re-import scan profiles

When re-importing, I can modify the exported file and re-import them, with the new settings reflected.

What it will NOT do is create new settings. I can create a new Scan Profile, but it will not contain the new ScanItems. Any suggestions on how to do this?

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Turns out that this script ( actually does work. What happens is that you need to wait a bit for the database to refresh.