Improve the ManageIQ "Bunny-goat" mascot

Some of you might recognise this ManageIQ mascot from the last Red Hat Summit and some posters/swag items:

Artwork by Ruben Moreno, CC BY 4.0

Many of us are very fond of this hybrid bunny-sheep-goat-cloud mascot, but there seems to be lacking just a bit of something. Perhaps less ambiguity? Maybe better to look less like a toy and more like an animal that can be taken seriously? Whatever it may be, we want you to contribute your graphical ideas to improve it.

We are working on a rather tight schedule here, with Red Hat summit being much earlier this year. So please give it some thought over the next few days and submit your ideas by next Wednesday, March 15, 2017.


  • Take the mascot design by Ruben above and adapt/modify it to your liking
  • Submit your improved design via a comment on this post by uploading the image by March 15
  • By sending your adapted work, you agree to license your submission under CC BY 4.0

That’s it! Look forward to seeing your improvement ideas!


Q: Who are eligible to participate?
A: It’s open to every human, elf, orc, dwarf, gnome

Q: How many entries can one submit?
A: There’s no set limit, but quality over quantity!

Q: Who will judge the entries?
A: While there’s a small group of us doing marketing/design for ManageIQ who will decide, you can influence our selection too by “liking” the design entries in the comments. So check back often and vote!

Q: What will you do with the mascot design?
A: Enhance the website, print it on T-shirts, make 3D models… you name it! (Maybe we’ll have another idea contest for this?) Speaking of which, 3D submissions are accepted, but we need a base/default 2D version for most purposes.

Q: This is too short notice, what if I don’t have time right now?
A: My apologies for this, and keep a look out for similar activities you can participate in future!

Q: Are there any prizes?
A: My eternal admiration and gratitude, and possible fame from your artwork displayed prominently online and at events. No fortune guaranteed however.


Its name is George :smiley:

@sergio_ocon I thought you might want to announce the name with the new design in a blog post, but now is as good a time as any :smile:

Just think of the tiny George… Loads of people drawing him without using his name…

Although a female design would be great too, a Georgina?


Couple of design inspirations: the old ManageIQ sheep

Nextbit 3D sheep: (not that we want it to look the same, but an example of how we can play with dimensions and colours)


I’m really bad at graphic design and drawing, but the idea is as following:
take the miq logo, and make a sheep out of it.
so the Q is the body, there is one leg that is already part of the Q, and there’s another leg made of the “i”, attach a head and some extras :slight_smile:
Here’s a draft, as I said - I am really bad at the execution part of it :slight_smile:


Don’t you think George needs boots or shoes?


I spent WAY too much time on this today… and I am not proud of that fact (or even the end product really…).

Stole the background idea from @epwinchell (sorry… it looks cool!), and have three different versions… not sure which would be preferred (if any…), and a few drew some inspiration from @abonas 's suggestions.


@epwinchell @abonas @NickLaMuro Love all your bunny-goats! :heart: Thank you all for contributing :smile: Maybe we can get inspiration from all the entries, or have mascots for different teams? (UI, providers, QE etc.) :thinking:

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I’m partial to the one with the knowing smirk and lifted eyebrow.

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I really like @epwinchell’s version. I like how the bunny-goat stands confidently, chest raised, legs apart, a somewhat devious smile, and a ManageIQ tattoo even :slight_smile:

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@geertj . . . on a sheep, that would be a brand, not a tattoo :joy:


Sounds like the makings of a tchotchke