Incorporate user-level marketplace, Improve REST APIs

Suggested New Features:
· Incorporate a user-level marketplace and refresh the UX using Twitter Bootstrap
· Improve REST APIs to a comparable functionality/maturity level as the SOAP API in CloudForms

Template questions:
State of current development: In –progress
Target release and timeline: 10/14/14
Who is doing it?: Booz Allen Hamilton
Which ManageIQ release will this be included in? When do you expect the first version that’s usable?
Description: We are working to further enhance the REST API, bringing it up to the same functionality level of the SOAP API in Cloud Forms. In addition we are looking to expose the reporting side of things to the REST API (which is not something that exists in the REST or SOAP API. Finally, we are working to ensure that the API follows REST standards for HTTP methods. These additions and changes will affect all users of ManageIQ.We are also working to add an end-user marketplace into MIQ. The marketplace will be an area that end-users will be able to login and order services, in a more streamlined interface. It will also allow very basic functions for the end-user (e.g., rebooting an instance, seeing basic statistic about the servers, and etc.), it will also provide an interface for budget and the current resource usage with Chargeback information.
Core feature or independent project?: Begin as an independent project, but can be added to the core after an incubation process
Dependencies: None


Hi dthurston
What are the timelines for this marketplace to be part of manageiq? Are you also planning to have some billing platforms integrated with this marketplace?