Incorrect value in "Resides on VM"

Capablanca-2 with vsphere6 provider.
In Configure->Configuration->Server -> Server tab, I get an incorrect value on item “Resides on VM”.
It shows a vm name that it is not the manageiq vm name.
¿How do you obtain this vm name?

@dclarizio can review this question from @mansuamen and forward to a SME if necessary.

I can see an incorrect value in miq_servers table on vm_id column. The value does not correspond to the ManageIQ vm. I search in vms table to get the correct id value of ManageIQ vm and put it in vm_id column in miq_servers table so I can see now the correct vm name in ManageIQ web.
Are there any aditional places to update the correct id value?
I would like to know how do you get the id value to put it on miq_servers table because obviously this time it did not work well.

@hkataria Can you look into this? I thought we might just let the admin set this, but I’m not certain.