Install Darga but not able to connect to MiQ

I had just downloaded and installed Darga appliance on CentOS7, but not able to connect to the application.

When I did a netstat -anp | grep 3000, I saw only the following:
root 8277 8055 0 18:47 ? 00:00:02 puma 3.3.0 (tcp:// [MIQ: Web Service Worker]

I do not see anything that httpd is associating with even though I can see that httpd has been started.

Did I missed out anything? I appreciate if anyone could share your experience with me. Thanks!


Hi @casius, which appliance did you download, vsphere, ovrit,…?
When you try to access the appliance via browser https://ip.of.miq.appliance what do you see?

Also, on the appliance what do you see when you type "systemctl status evmserverd"
If evmserverd is not running, run “journalctl -u evmserverd” to get the reason.

Hi @jprause, I am trying to setup Darga for VMware. When I tried to connect via browser, I received a connection timeout error.

After executed systemctl cmd, I can see that EVM server daemon has been started. Thanks.


This is dynamically changed by the application and the apache conf should have updated it to LoadBalance across the multiple UI workers (3000, 3001, 4000, 5000, etc). The files are /etc/httpd/conf.d/manageiq*.conf.

@carbonin Any thoughts here?

Not really, as long as the httpd service is running, I would expect this to work fine.

@casius Can you provide the link to the appliance build you downloaded?

Hi all, I had made a silly mistake. Unlike Bonvinik (where I build from source) that require me to specify port 3000 in the URL, I just realised that this not is needed in Darga appliance. Apologise for my confusion.

I just hope that what I developed in Bonvinik will work in Darga too. Thanks.