Installing MIQ on a AWS EC2

I would like to deploy MIQ on an AWS EC2, it would be useful for demo to clients and in productions for those clients that only use AWS cloud.

Anyway has a good guide on how to do this?



Hi Ramon,

If it helps we at Booz Allen are releasing in the next week or two, a Chef Cookbook to do just that.

Happy to let you know when we publish it if you are still interested.


Yes, of course.
I was able to install it from source, it is running on port 3000 although I
need still need to troubleshoot the connections, since I still can reach
the login page.

Chris I am also very interested in the work that you guys are doing, let me
know once it becomes available to the community since you mention in the
Design Summit that the goals was to make it Open Source.



We also know that using the AWS VM Import feature works to import the appliance. For CloudForms customers we recommend the m3.xlarge instance type with RHEL-6 64-bit, but you can probably go lower than this depending on your workload. Don’t forget to add an EBS volume to host the database.

It would be really cool if someone could add support for creating AMIs to our build scripts here: That way we could run them nightly, and for the official releases (I presume).