Integrate ManageIQ with IPAM

Hi forks,

I have tried latest managiq release with phpipam 1.2 with custom automation provision scripts.
However, I think no plugin for phpipam is compatible for the current release.

So, if there some guides how to integrate phpipam with latest manageiq release will be appricate.


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@ayaseen. I have a phpipam 1.3 instance and I had it connected once in my older miq.
I will try to provide the steps later after I connect it again with my fine-b2 instance.


I need to revise my old notes, previous provided three references links was not correct.
here is the end result, on a fine-b2 instance, using file(from somewhere).

Using phpipam 1.3 and release fine with plugin version 1.2 works for getting an address but not releasing when retiring a vm. Do you have any insight as to why? Has this happened to you?

I solved it. A typo that created a split url when retiring a system. There was a space at the end of the url value. Works really well now.

Hello, where can I find the module for the phpipam integration into MIQ?

To my knowledge, there is no miq provider for phpipam.

In case anyone finds this thread, I did end up using the following module:

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Thanks for proving me wrong. :grinning: