Integrate ManageIQ with vRealize Automation

I want to integrate ManageIQ with VMware vRealize Automation to be able to request vRA service catalog items from ManageIQ WebUI.
I’m new in ManageIQ but I’m fascinated how powerful it is.
Could you give me some advice where to start to be able to call RestAPI from ManageIQ interface? Could you give me some examples or point me the best (the easiest) source of information I could use to begin with?
Currently I read Peter McGowan’s “Mastering CloudForms Automation” and it’s very interesting and helpful but maybe there is something more straightforward I should know too.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Mastering CloudForms Automation is probably still the book to read as an introduction to ManageIQs Automate Engine (In fact I recommend it to everyone who mentions being new to ManageIQ)

Regarding VMware vRealize Integration (disclaimer: I have never worked with vRealize) I guess there are a couple of options, depending how comfortable you are with software development

ManageIQ has basic integration with VMware vCenter, so simple stuff like VM Management should work out of the box. vRealize is not part of this Integration, so for anything specific to vRealize you need something else

You can always use RestClient and talk to vRealize’s REST API. This is how we are doing almost all of our Integrations with 3rd party systems. Just make sure you have a decent amount of code reuse and don’t end up with a lot of spaghetti code (i.e. use embedded methods)

ManageIQ can run Ansible playbooks out of the box. So any VMware modules in Ansible are at your disposal. Also the desired state architecture of Ansible works nicely with ManageIQ’s StateMachines, which is something you may have to work around if you use ruby

At the end of the day, Automation in ManageIQ is scripted in Ruby and ManageIQ has the necessary gems installed to talk to VMware (though not vRealize specificly) and it is pretty simple to install additional gems in ManageIQ. If you can find a ruby gem to do the job, you can use it