Integrating ManageIQ (CloudForms) with Puppet

We’ve been using ManageIQ (and CloudForms!) extensively for close to two years and wrote a proof of concept to integrate Puppet with ManageIQ. It might be useful to some of you…You can have a read through the tutorial and technical notes on my post on our website -

Any feedback and suggestions always welcome!


Hi @wdatoo,
this is a very good write-up and a great use case showcasing the power of tagging within ManageIQ.

On your website you mention accessing the Database directly and the problems inherent to do so.
“You may notice a nice, long SQL query in the script. It is not entirely optimal since indices on certain columns do not exist in the CloudForms database Schema. Also, we had to take this approach as the CloudForms API doesn’t currently have inquiry by hostname of the client, this should emerge in the next few iterations to the API.”

You may want to look at the new Rest API and its reference guide as I think it should allow you to get past this limitation.

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