Integration of WHMCS with Manageiq

Hey, Need To Know the integration of whmcs with manageiq ? @pemcg


@pemcg This is billing system, i want to create a e-commerece platform and than want to integrate with manageiq. Because i could not find any specific feature on manageiq to create a marketplace for my openstack cloud. If you have better idea than guide me.

@sergio_ocon Do you have any insights here?

cc @gtanzillo

Not too much insights over whmcs, i have developers to create marketplace over there. i am a middle-ware developer i i will create a separate platform using python for calling the rest api’s of whmcs and for openstack. if you could give me better solution for billing system of openstack through manageiq than it will be very fine for me. @Fryguy @pemcg


You can generate a report with the usage data and any information you need on it. There are several reports that can be used (including a new shiny one that is similar to chargeback).

With that, you could generate your bill with anything you want to be doing billing. If it is like any billing engine I know, it will be capable of importing files (CSV, XDR), and use those directly or through a mediation system.

Unfortunately, you will need to create the integration yourself. There is no integration right now out of the box. And you won’t be able to know the current charges before you generate the invoice.

There is also an effort to generate a new chargeback that can integrate easier to what you want.

That will provide better rating, but what you need is precisely what is missing, the assignment of information to elements that can be fed into a billing engine.

@gtanzillo is there more data to be shared?

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