Invalid chart data. Try regenerating the widgets


Been trying to get ManageIQ to work but the issue of “Invalid chart data. Try regenerating the widgets.” on the dashboard is driving me nuts.
I’ve seen post that one needs to change code to get this to work. But i cannot find where to add the code.
Can someone give me a tip ?
Where MiqWidget::ChartContent can be found ? and Edited ?

@dclarizio can you assist @Trystam with this question or redirect to a SME.

Hi Trystam,

We’ll need a bit more context here. Do you have a link to the post about needing to change code, as I’m not aware of that? If so, this may be something we can fix. Are you getting any errors in the log either when trying to display the widget or when it’s being generated? Can you post an export of the report and/or widget you are working with?

Thank you,

Hello Dan

Sorry for the lack of a more decent explanation.
I’ve performend a standard deployment of a ManageIQ Appliance.
No matter what i do on the dashboards the graphics dont show and tell me to regenerate widget.

I have came accross this post that apparently offers some explanation;

as i was trying to follow this procedure i could not find the place to try to make the change to see if it works.
Cause as per said if i zoom in the graphics show.

I hope this kinda explains the situation.



Thanks for the further information @Trystam

@martinpovolny can you please take a closer look at this. It almost seems like we had addressed this issue at some point recently.

Really, this was fixed by @himdel a while ago:

I recon that might be right.
This is what im getting

Wil redeploy the VM and see if the problem still stands.



Problem continues, is there any way to take out some logs to recover evidence about this ?



You could try going to CI > Reports > Dashboard Widgets > Charts… and click ‘Regenerate Widget content now’ (under Configure in the toolbars).

You should then see the log in manageiq/log/evm.log

For me it worked if I added .to_yaml in /var/www/miq/vmdb/app/models/miq_widget/chart_content.rb, so the line around 9 looks as:


No other changes were needed, but after the change you should regenerate the widget content. Follow the talk here -> Dashbord widgets - only text


Sorry for the late reply but that sorted my issue :slight_smile: