Invalid chart type


Using Capablanca-2 I am seeing invalid chart types for ParallelThreedColumn and StackedThreedColumn. Is this a known problem or did I mess something up on my end?


@dclarizio can you review this question from @kincl and forward to a SME is necessary.

Hi kincl,

When we converted to jqPlot charts, support for the 3D charts was not available. We are actually now converting to the C3 charts supported in Patternfly, which also don’t have those chart types. However, we will be adding some code to map the 3D chart types into some stacked chart types. For now, you can modify the 3D chart types to stacked column or bar charts, which should represent the data properly.

@martinpovolny/@himdel do you know if we will be creating a fix to map these chart types for Capablanca or can you suggest where such a code fix might go?

We will add some fallback for the ParallelThreedColumn and StackedThreedColumn for sure for C3 and I’ll try for jqplot too. Gimme a week after my PTO. I’ll take o look into this.

Great that all sounds good. If there is a plan to map those old chart types to the new ones that is probably the best solution for me.

I am not sure that I can change the chart types on these pre-made reports. For example: Dashboard - Reports - Configuration Management - Virtual Machines - Vendor and Guest OS uses ParallelThreedColumn but I see no way to fix that.

I could copy and move everything over to my copy of that report but that seems heavyweight.

Thanks for the quick replies!