Inventory development: Collection :vms can only accept specific values


I’m in the midst of developing inventory (developing Collector, Parser and Persister) for new MiQ provider; I’ve stumbled upon the following problem: Currently, I’m using physical_infra collection :vms in Persister, which takes in the following five values: ems_ref, uid_ems, name, location and vendor.

The thing is I’d like to store some other data than just these 5 values, but if I try to store additional attributes with :vms collection, I get error, saying the new attribute isn’t listed as expected. Similarly, if I remove any of those values, I get error as well (saying I didn’t specify some value I should have had).

I have the following questions regarding persister collections:

  • Obviously not every collection is built for storing all the data - ow can you see what data the collection expects to get from parser in general? How do I know which collection to use, where are the collections “listed”?
  • More specific question for collections - I was suggested to use collection called physical , but I was not able to find information about what data this collection actually expects from parser who parses function called physical.
  • And lastly: Any sources on how to define my own collection?