IP Adress fetch of windows

Hi ,

I m facing a problem on provisioning the windows vm . so going through workflow of cloudform while vm is created i added a state as waitforip so it can fetch the ip of that windows machine and its fetching perfectly but after that next state i mentioned in the method i specified the hosts value as:

${/#miq_provision.destination.addresses.sort.first} ansible_user=administrator ansible_password=pass ansible_connection=winrm ansible_winrm_read_timeout_sec=360 ansible_winrm_operation_timeout_sec=300 ansible_winrm_server_cert_validation=ignore

and its not fetch the ip address through miq provision while running the playbook and thats why connection is not established with windows machine so it shows the error and the error is it take the other win vars as a hostname so it generate name and service not found and otherthing is it is not connect through the winrm as of i mentioned also in the hosts it tooks ssh connection always . i donno why . can you help me with that

Could you try with ${/#miq_provision.destination.ipaddresses.first}