Is it possible to set Lifecycle state of VM/Service from API

I’m creating services through the API on behalf of users, but when using the Service Explorer UI, the newly created services do not show up in “Active Services”. To see the services. the user has to hit the “Services” link in the breadcrumb above the button row in order to get to “All Services”.

The newly created services show Lifecycle state as “Unprovisioned”, which I assume is the reason that they don’t show in Active Service, nor in Retired Services.

Is there a way to set make these servers show up in the Active Services?


There’s a ‘Display in Catalog’ slider on the service definition. If this is set to ‘No’ then the service, when run, won’t appear in ‘Active Services’.

If this is set to ‘No’, try adding the item to a catalog and re-running.

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I’m familiar with the “Display in Catalog” option that appears on Catalog Items when they’re being created or edited, but I don’t see anything like that on a Service once it has been created, and the only option I see when editing a service is to change its name and description.

Since the service is created without using a Catalog Item via the API, the catalog is never involved as far as I know.

It really looks to me like the accordion for Active Services is applying a filter that excludes services where the Lifecycle State is Unprovisioned, but the accorion doesn’t have an All Services link. Telling the service owners to go to My Services and then click the Services bread crumb to get to All Services isn’t ideal.

If I’m right, either I need to be able to manipulate the Service lifecycle state, or alter how the Active Services filter is defined.


FYI - I hacked around this issue by going into the database using psql and changing the “display” column to ‘t’ and the “lifecycle_state” column to ‘provisioned’ for all of the services that I created through the API.

It would be nice if the “display” property/column could be manipulated from the API.