Is it safe to extend ActiveRecord pool size?


I have some automation code that relies a lot on $evm.vmdb calls. This is quite database intensive and, from time to time, I get an error message telling : " The max pool size is currently 1; consider increasing it.". I googled it and found out that it is related to ActiveRecord configuration (config/database.yml).

What would be the impact in ManageIQ to increase the pool size ? I didn’t find any configuration item for that in the WebUI, even in “Advanced” tab, so I wonder if it is safe.


@Fryguy thoughts on this?

I’m honestly not sure. I believe we had discussed bumping the pool size anyway, but I don’t know why we haven’t yet.

cc @matthewd @jrafanie @tenderlove Do you guys remember?

It shouldn’t matter if we bump it up. If the query is long and we only have one connection, then we should add more (I think).

We currently run in a single thread; unless you’re manually spawning additional threads, I don’t think we ever expect to hit that pool timeout. :confused: