Is there a method in to upload vm template


Is there a way to upload vm template in to ManageIQ , ie suppose i have a vm template available from a different infra environment and upload it to ManageIQ using the UI and it get uploaded in to the vmware.
Lets put it this way I am trying to provide a custom solution in ManageIQ where the user need to upload the vmware template they have.

  1. First I was thinking of creating a widget which takes the path of the VM template and on submit a ansible playbook gets triggered which read the file and upload to vmware.

  2. Second option i was thinking of was to create a python flask application which uploads the template to a location where ManageIQ appliance is deployed and then from there ansible uploads it and i will create the a button inside infrastructure tab, provide the link for the application in button which on clicking will redirect or opens ups the application in new browser tab

Note: I have gone thru PXE option and creating custom templates .

Any guidance or reference for the above will be of great help